Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Going out to JackJo

"Only someone who has known an animal for a long time and under many circumstances can recognize the moment when he looks at you says 'It's time to let me go.'"

Shelly Fraser Mickle, speaking on Morning Edition, on the death of Barbaro.


Skylers Dad said...

As a long time pet owner and animal lover, I completely understand that "look".

It is always the hardest decision for me to make when it comes time to let a pet go, I always doubt myself and wonder if I am making the wrong choice.

But then I realize that I only need to watch a little closer, listen a little harder and they will tell you themselves.

I saw the press conference where the doctor spoke about putting Barbaro down. The man was barely hanging on, tears welling up in his eyes. A true man of compassion.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I have to admit that the horsie's death did move me, not just because I and my dear friends have had similar experiences, but also because race horses just get to me. Any animal that destroys its body while serving humans does.