Friday, September 22, 2006

Yeah, but whose side is Allah on?

20% of Americans believe that God is on our side.

If this is so, maybe we can get God to be on someone else's side for a while. Because I don't want to say that God is a jinx, but...


One out of five Americans believe in a God who favors the United States in worldly affairs. Among those believers, Republicans are four times as numerous as Democrats.
No surprise there. If you’re a god-fearing Republican, you got to believe God favors the United States - what the fuck else have you got to hang onto? Your president sure as hell sucks.

Nineteen percent of the 1,721 people surveyed said they either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, "God favors the United States in worldly affairs."
The same percentage agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “God likes white people more better.”

Paul Froese, an assistant professor who teaches the sociology of religion at Baylor, a Baptist institution in Waco, Texas, helped devise the survey questions. He said the results show, "The idea of God, the belief in God, can be in a political sense exploited for nationalist purposes, at least for that fifth of the country."
He then went on to say “Of course, the Bush campaign figured that out 6 years ago.”
Froese saw a connection between the findings on God and Uncle Sam and other results in the survey involving Americans' sense of God's "personality." Respondents were given 16 words--including absolute, fatherly, forgiving, friendly, loving, punishing, wrathful--and asked to rate how each word described God.
Is "criminally negligent" a choice?

Researchers found the respondents effectively fell in one of four groups. Thirty-one percent believed in an "authoritarian" God who is active in daily life and largely concerned with punishing humans;

This is the god who is testing you by sending your son to Iraq. This is also the god you thank if you score a touchdown or win a Grammy.

23 percent believed in a "benevolent" God who is less interested in punishment;
This is the god who helped my mom quit smoking.

16 percent believed in a "critical" God who doesn't interfere with daily life
but keeps score for an afterlife;
This is the god who will banish to hell everyone who’s ever tossed their Taco Bell wrappers onto my lawn, blocked my curb on garbage day, or cut me off on the 405
and 25 percent believed in a "distant" God who set the laws of nature in motion but is no longer involved in events of this world.
This is the god of love and relationships. You can pray to him all you want, but it will do no good.

He will never call you back.

(thanks to Daddy-O for the link)


Megan said...

"God likes white people more better"?! Do you think they meant "mo' betta"?

Spooney said...

"God favors the United States in worldly affairs."
Well who did god favor for the thousands of years of human history before The U.S. existed?
I know, he was just waiting for us to come along.

Skylers Dad said...

I can't believe this came out of Waco Texas! Aren't you required by law to get one of those fish emplams for your pickup truck down there?

And Vikki, Jesus loves you - just not in *that* way...

CiscoKid said...

Right on.. your posts always hit the nail on the head...or
the ball in the net...
or whatever,,

Phil said...

I have no joke. I'm to terrified.

Chris said...

Hosanna in the highest, Vikki! I was wondering if there are currently any heads of state in the world who are openly atheist or agnostic, and if not, have there even been any? Haven't we had about enough of religious people running things? Time for us heathens to get a shot, don't you think?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Megan: Sure. That's what they meant.

Spooney: God CREATED the United States. I quote 1776, ACT 2, scene 5: "Franklin smote the ground and out sprang George Washington--fully grown and on his horse. Franklin then electrified him with his miraculous lightning rod and the three of them, Franklin, Washington and the horse, conducted the entire revolution all by themselves." So sayeth St. Peter Stone.

SkyDad: It's true, Jesus told me he just wasn't that into me.

Ciscokid: Thanks, dude. "Whatever" is a pretty high compliment in CA.

Phil: You should be. Favre ain't all in yet.

Chris: I'm saying!! Who would YOU want with his hand on the button, some jamoke who thinks he's going to stand at the right side of Jesus in heaven, or an atheist who thinks this world is all we have? We need more godless people in high office, dammit.