Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Democrat minority out with a whimper

The acquiesing on the confirmation of Gates is just so typical of the Senate Democrats.

I swear, if Bush handed them a big plate of shit, they'd say "Hey, at least he didn't kick us in the balls when we ate it!"

It seems pretty clear that in the past Robert Gates has been guilty of...wait for it...cooking intelligence in order to provide cover to the administration in power. If we put this guy in charge of the Pentagon, how does that help us get the fuck out of Iraq and stay the fuck out of Iran?

Goddamn Senate Democrat ass clowns. You'd think they lost the last midterms, not won them.


Chris said...

Yeah, but he admitted we're not winning in Iraq. Wow! Pull me up a fucking chair! Your shit-eating analogy is fitting. Any reverence or respect given to Dubya at this point is misplaced and irresponsible.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I'm not impressed. He would've looked like an unmitigated idiot if he'd said we were "winning" in Iraq. He's a fake maverick. A yes man. An ambitious crony.

dad said...

As ofter happens in politics, the lesser of two evils was chosen. Confirming Gates removed Rumsfelt.

As much as he deserves its, Bush will not be impeached because it leaves us with Chaney. 41 assured being impeach proof also by choosing the idiot from Indiana. What was his name?

vikkitikkitavi said...

His name was Potatoe, wasn't it?