Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Never again

I know I already told y'all that Rolling Rock was the beer of my youth.

It's gone in and out of style several times since those days, but it was always there, like an pale, mellow old friend. A friend who doesn't shout for your attention, but rather, hangs out, waiting for you to re-discover how good its company is. And I loved that about Rolling Rock.

When Anheuser-Busch bought up the brewery and shut down the Latrobe, PA bottling plant, I vowed to never drink it again.

And I've stayed true to my promise. No problem.

But it's not enough that A-B killed the integrity of Rolling Rock, now they're dragging its corpse through the streets and pissing on it.


Spooney said...

You're gonna hate me, but I kinda like the Beer Ape, with his green diaper & green flying "V" guitar.
Yeah I know, I'm a sell-out.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Honey, ew.

So predictable in its lowbrow, but ironic stance: It's an animal mascot, see, but it's also COMMENTING on animal mascots, get it?

Makes me wanna puke.

Grant Miller said...

Why does that commercial look like an SNL skit? Is it a joke?

And if it's not a joke, why does it look like an ad campaign from 1987?

Jess said...

I was going to point out the same thing as Grant. Um, it's like they took that "Bud Gay" sketch and threw in a monkey. It's almost exactly the same thing (sans the gay). I wondered if it was a joke, too.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Like I said, they want it both ways. They want the stupid animal mascot, and yet they want to be above it at the same time.