Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bells On Recommends: Brick

It's a film noir. Set in a high school.

A real film noir, not one of those overhyped faux noirs where everything's all hunky dory at the end.

All the classic noir types are there: the beleaguered gumshoe, the cop with a grudge, the doomed blonde, the society dame with a secret, the flawed kingpin, the junkie just trying to score, the bad girl who knows too much for her own good, and the thug who's in over his head. Except it's all set in the world of high school geeks, jocks, and socials.

And great music. Real movie music, not just a series of indie songs.

It might take a few minutes to get into the slang, but stay with it. It's worth it.


Chris said...

Others have recommended this one. Netflix, ho!

(I meant ho as in "Land ho!", rather than the nappy-headed variety.)

Jess said...

One of my FAVORITE movies!

Another great movie that is sort of pulpish/noirish (I like to make up words) is "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". Did I already recommend that to you?

Two of the best movies (in my opinion) that no one saw. Except, now, for you & me!

Spooney said...


That's funny cuz I said to Vikki right after the movie that you & Jeff would dig it. She said "I'm sure they've already seen it. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is awesome. We've already seen it like 3 times.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang is one of the awesome-ist movies EVAH!

I KNEW you'd already seen Brick. You've always already seen everything cool. That's just how you are.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Chris: One more slip, and it's off to rehab for you, buddy!

Jess said...

For the past year or so, I implied to everyone I knew that I'd seen "An Inconvenient Truth", but in fact I just saw it for the first time last week.

See? I'm not that cool.

It was awesome but depressing and it made me feel scared & guilty. Just like I knew it would, which is why I put off seeing it, even though I own it.

I also just saw "Brazil" for the first time recently. Once I pretty much outright lied to someone who said (of someone else) "They haven't seen 'Brazil'! Can you BELIEVE it?!"

"That person doesn't deserve to live!" I think I responded, feeling guilty.

I saw "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" two days in a row in the theater, which is funny because I had to be talked into seeing it by Jeff (the first time).

Alana said...

I love that you love Brick! I got to work on the packaging and had such a fun time with it that i kept the poster up in my office.

dad said...

Do you think they will show it on a United Flight anytime soon?