Tuesday, April 10, 2007

File under "no shit"

Republicans are more likely to be sexist and racist than Democrats.

(Shakesville via Blog Report)


Johnny Yen said...

I thought it was a requirement to be a Republican.

vikkitikkitavi said...

No, it's not a requirement. More like a perk.

dad said...

The most revered Republican since Abe Lincoln in the eyes of Republicans was Ronald Reagan. He stood idely by while the AIDS epidemic spread through the homosexual community and grapped a foothold in America. Republicans still can not support the use of clean needles,supplying condoms, or sex education in schools, which are proven to be the most effective preventions programs available. Nancy's "Just so no" policy hangs like a toxic cloud over the effectiveness of U.S. AIDS support in Africa and elsewhere. Half the money must be spent on abstinence programs. Research reports can not use the phase, "sex workers".

Polls show support of Bush at about 30% which has to be only his "base". If I was a socialogist, I would love to do a study of these people. How did they grow up? what values were they taught? what emotions were rewarded? There must be some answers out there!