Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More crickets

Not one question in yesterday's press briefing about the allegations from ABC News that the government is attempting to track down their reporters' confidential sources by tapping their phones.

Well color me surprised.

Aren't reporters interested in the First Amendment? I thought they were.

Here's my favorite exchange from the briefing (on the NSA/phone records story):

MR. SNOW: ...I would direct you back to the USA Today story itself, and if you analyze what that story said, what did it say? It said there is no wiretapping of individual calls, there is no personal information that is being relayed. There is no name, there is no address, there is no consequence of the calls, there's no description of who the party on the other end is.

Q Privacy was breached by turning over their phone numbers.

MR. SNOW: Well, again, you are jumping to conclusions about a program, the existence of which we will neither confirm, nor deny.

Yeah, so quit jumping to conclusions and get the facts we won't release!

Oh, and FYI - we'll be bugging your phone to see where you get your facts.

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