Monday, May 08, 2006

Standing on the Shoulders of Assholes

We can't blame BushCo for George Tenet being installed as Director of the CIA, because Clinton did that.

But we can blame him for giving Mr. WMD-Slam-Dunk the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And we can blame him for next turning over the office to a partisan hack who has been described by colleagues "not that bright" and "arrogant."


Hey, if you're stupid, you might as well be a jerk about it, huh?

Plus, there may, or may not, be some hookers involved. They're floating a story of a "turf war" with Negroponte to explain Goss's sudden departure, but it smells a little fishy to me.

Democrats and the so-called "moderate" Repubs are having a serious case of the vapors over BushCo's next choice to head the agency, General "I heart spying on Americans" Hayden, who has come to us via the NSA illegal wiretapping business.

From Hayden's announcement at the WH this morning:

GENERAL HAYDEN: Mr. President, thank you for those kind words and for the confidence that you and Ambassador Negroponte have shown to me in nominating me for this position. There's probably no post more important in preserving our
security and our values as a people than the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

When I returned from Korea in 1999 to take the position at NSA, I was befriended most of all by two people -- George Tenet, who was then DCI, and Porter Goss, then Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Both of these men befriended me and mentored me and supported me. And I will always be in their debt, especially now that I find that I've been nominated to be their successor. If I'm confirmed, I know that I will be standing on their shoulders.

In the confirmation process, I look forward to meeting with members of the Congress, better understanding their concerns and working with them to move the American intelligence community forward. This is simply too important not to get absolutely right.

I couldn't agree more, General. It's very important to get it right. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I would disagree with your assessment of "right."

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