Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Le Rive Gauche, NoHo

I live in North Hollywood, CA. Specifically, I live in the "NoHo Arts District," which is a completely legitimate and viable arts district, damn it, and not just some developer's scam to dress up a disheveled old whore of a neighborhood.

There is, like, art everywhere where I live! In fact, I had to clean some art off my garage door this very morning! Personally, I use Orange-Sol art remover, but there are a lot of products out there now that you can use to counter those incorrigible artists with their bold conceptual re-imaginings of "defacing" and "private property."

Oh, and last month, my neighbor's car became part of a large installation that inspired residents to re-examine their notions of "ownership" and "car stereos" and "glass that isn't broken."

I can't tell you what a thrill it is every morning to walk out of my house and know that my bourgeois non-art instincts will be challenged right there on my doorstep! Or, sometimes, right there at the street corner - the street corner where artists gather and engage in works of rhythmic verbal art so jarring that they make your teeth rattle!

I feel lucky. Lucky to be a part of art history in the making. And so I gladly offer up my belongings, AND my property value, for use by my beloved, scandalous, avant-guard neighborhood artistes.

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Grant Miller said...

I use Orange-Sol art remover a lot when my kids make "Art!"