Monday, June 05, 2006

You see why we hate you?

On the June 1st episode of Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room, senior national correspondent John Roberts said this:

ROBERTS: Yeah. I mean, there is nothing to suggest, Wolf, that even though they have agreed on a set of sanctions that anything is going to get past the U.N. Security Council. Don't forget, there has been a resolution on sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear program that's been languishing for three years. And then, of course, there is the issue, if they do get sanctions leveled against Iraq -- leveled against Iran, are they going to work? Don't forget, Iraq endured 11 years of sanctions, and, you know, we still had to go to war to get rid of what it was that they had.

And Wolfie said this:

BLITZER: Good point, John. Thank you very much.
Oh, yes, John, excellent point. And well recognized by you, Wolf. Excellent point, indeed. That is, if by "excellent" you mean "a huge steaming load," and if by "point" you mean "horseshit."

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