Monday, June 12, 2006

Maybe Simon & Schuster should have examined their target demographic a little better

Mary Cheney's book about her life as the gay daughter of the dark overlord is tanking.

Because how many Log Cabin Republicans can there be? Their website says "thousands."

Ooooh. Thousands.

Split among "68 local chapters."

Ooooh. 68 chapters. That's almost as many as right-wing black man Alan Keyes has.

Of course, Alan does have the advantage of adding a great big scoop of crazy to the mix of his own personal brand of hypocrisy.

So anyways, once all of the Log Cabin Repubs buy Mary's book, who's left? Because any self-respecting gay isn't going to pay to read the life story of a two-faced liar who claims her father really really respects her even though she wasn't allowed to stand on the platform with him at the the last GOP convention.

And most straight Republicans don't like admitting that queers exist and have lives and stuff, let alone supporting their ass-fucking/carpet-munching lifestyles by buying their books.

Wow, Simon & Schuster, how'd you miss that call? I hear you're not even going to get your $1 million advance back. That's a shame.


Grant Miller said...

I own an "Alan Keyes for Senator" yard sign. I know you're jealous. I'm holding onto it until I can sell it on E-Bay. Once he's in the White House.

michael said...

$1 million for Mary Cheney's story? Seriously?

Um, good for her, I guess. As for S & S, I'm no marketing whiz, but a seven-digit advance for a book by a vice-president's daughter? Why? Did she sleep with Ellen Degeneres?

vikkitikkitavi said...

OGM: I AM jealous. Can't wait until Keyes and Obama duke it out for the WH.

Michael: Did you hear her on Fresh Air trying to make the book sound exciting? Pretty hard when your answer to every question is about how it's not your place to refute the administration.