Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Republicans: 2, Voting Rights Act: 0

Serves us right for taking the act for granted.

So, the Supreme Court has basically ruled that whoever controls any particular state legislature can re-draw the district map at will. Redistricting does not have to follow a census or any other event which reveals population information. And the bar for what constitutes gerrymandering has been set pretty fucking high.

So the party in power stays in power. Nice. Good work, SCOTUS.

Buried deep in the NYTimes article on the ruling is this little nugget:

Last December, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales acknowledged that the professional staff of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division had also considered the plan to be in violation of the act.

To clarify, "professional staff" means non-political appointees, or "the people who know what the fuck they're talking about."
In a memorandum, the six lawyers and two analysts in the voting rights section unanimously concluded that "the proposed plan reduces the level of minority voting strength." They were overruled by the top officials in the department.
"Top officials" means Bush lackeys, or "the people who've sold their soul for a government pension and a once-a-year handshake from the assclown-in-chief."

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