Friday, June 23, 2006

My favorite part? O'Brien appears to be too stupid to notice that Springsteen just called her an idiot.

Soledad O'Brien makes my flesh crawl. Watch her try to boogie woogie the king of rock-n-roll (transcript below via Think Progress):

O’BRIEN: In 2004 you came out very strongly in support of John Kerry and performed with him - your fellow guitarist, I think is how you introduced him to the crowd. And some people gave you a lot of flack for being a musician who took a political stand. I remember…

SPRINGSTEEN: Yeah, they should let Ann Coulter do it instead.

O’BRIEN: There is a whole school of thought, as you well know, that says that musicians – I mean you see it with the Dixie Chicks - you know, go play your music and stop.

SPRINGSTEEN: Well, if you turn it on, present company included, the idiots rambling on on cable television on any given night of the week, and you’re saying that musicians shouldn’t speak up? It’s insane. It’s funny.

O’BRIEN: As a musician though, I’d be curious to know if there is a concern that you start talking about politics, you came out at one point and said, I think in USA Today listen, the country would be better off if George Bush were replaced as President. Is there a worry where you start getting political and you could alienate your audience?

SPRINGSTEEN: Well that’s called common sense. I don’t even see that as politics at this point. So I mean that’s, you know, you can get me started, I’ll be glad to go. […] You don’t take a country like the United States into a major war on circumstantial evidence. You lose your job for that. That’s my opinion, and I have no problem voicing it. And some people like it and some people boo ya, you know?


Megan said...

"present company included. . ."


marc said...

Good clip, and he had no choice but to finally blast the president. Why did she ask the same question three times? here's another transcript from an interview with Michael Berg, also with some nice Bush bashing.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Thanks for that, Marc. Berg is so much smarter than O'Brien, it's kind of embarrassing.

And I hate when reporters say things like "one theory goes" when they're really just talking about their own point of view.