Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Handling "the truth"

Ken Lay is trying to hop the PR train to Suspendedsentenceville:
Ken Lay declared his innocence, demonized his accusers and asked ex-employee "truth sayers" to rally 'round him for his trial, in a luncheon speech today.

Lay promised he'll testify and asked other Enron employees to join him in creating a "wave of truth."

Shhh...I sense that we are in the presense of a PR mantra. "Truth sayers." "Wave of truth." That is some quality PR there, folks. He probably paid at least 200k just for the whole "fight the truth being revealed by saying 'truth' a lot" concept, and I bet the 2 phrases above were an extra 50k each, at least.

"Enron employees really have only two choices. Either we stand up now -- and prove that Enron was a real company, a substantial company, an honest company, a company that had a vision and values -- or we will leave this horrific legacy shaped by others," he said.

His lawyer Mike Ramsey, in a post-speech news conference, said he and lawyers for Lay's codefendants Jeff Skilling and Rick Causey are still seeking supportive witnesses and think people have not come forward out of fear of being prosecuted.

Your ex-employees won't defend you because they fear prosecution? Oh... See, and here I thought it was because YOU STOLE THEIR FUCKING MONEY.


Hill said...

LMFAO, Vikki...I DO adore you.

(In a non-sexual, girl love kinda way...lest I be labeled a "lesbo" by any gay bashing passers by.)

"...the PR train to Suspendsentenceville..." Fucking classic!

Jess said...

HAH! It sounds like Ken's using his ol' buddy Dubbya's PR guy!

"Let us fight against the evildoers by surfing on the wave of truth!"


vikkitikkitavi said...

And then the theme gets picked up by the conservative media who repeat it endlessly on talk shows until the MSM start treating it like a real issue, and start doing stories on the news that start like this: "Are former Enron employees being intimidated by over-zealous prosecutors who contribute to liberal candidates?"

Blah blah blah you know the rest.

V said...

uh's hard to afford a liar when all your money is in the toilet!