Monday, December 12, 2005

Voulez-vous coucher avec neocons ce soir?

More evidenced has surfaced that the CIA was warned in advance that the "intelligence" indicating Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear materials was just a big stinking pile of poo.

Here's the best part: the fucking French knew it. Yes, all you neocons and French traitor-haters, the French knew it, and told the CIA, and the CIA ignored them.

Hang on a sec. I gotta stop laughing so hard. I can't type.

Yeah, it stings, don't it? That the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" are sitting around their stinky BO country laughing at us for being so gullible and believing what our government told us? Oh, man, that is hard to stomach, ain't it? I mean, how are you going to face your friends, and constituents, and readers, and editors and stuff?

Maybe y'all should try and drown your humiliation in an order of Freedom Fries or something.

Maybe get a nice Cote du Rhone to wash 'em down with. Oh, if you're not done boycotting the French for refusing to go to war with us for made-up reasons, that is.

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