Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wow, aren't I captivating and quirky? Yeah, and...uh...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Goddamn you, bitch.

I told you that I am such a child when it comes to this stuff, and you took advantage of it.

So, anyway, I've been TAGGED, apparently, and now I must respond in kind, or the chain will be broken, and disaster will befall the server within a fortnight or some shit like that.

So, for anyone who's still reading, here it is: 10 Random Things About Me.

1. I am a pretty darn good whistler. I frequently whistle the theme to the Andy Griffith Show when I’m alone. Drives the dogs crazy.

2. I really do swear as much in life as I do on my blog, and I don’t understand why people think it’s bad or unusual. They’re just words.

3. I met my current boyfriend online.

4. There was a time in my life when my family was poor, and I really resented not being able to have new clothes or shoes for school when all the other kids did. Consequently, I rarely deny myself, sartorially-speaking, unless it’s just way out of my price range.

5. I love to bake, and I find it pretty annoying that no one wants to eat dessert anymore. When I bring, like, a nice plum cobbler to a pot luck or a shower or something, and some skinny bitch wails “Oh, I can’t!” I just want to throw the whole thing in her face.

6. I never met a museum I didn’t like. Ditto aquariums, botanical gardens, theme parks, miniature golf courses, roadside attractions, antique or souvenir shops…

7. My mom and dad used to make me perform comedy routines at their cocktail parties when I was a kid.

8. Snails give me the willies.

9. I still cry over some of my deceased pets.

10. I love anything almond: marzipan, amaretto, almond soap, almond lotion, etc. It’s like crack to me.

Jebus, is anyone still there? If so, now comes the part where I send out some tag love to:

True Ancestor
Jackie Chiles

That seems like enough. God knows I don't need any more enemies.

1 comment:

Hill said...

Well done! Sorry it took a moment to travelling and what not. (sniff)

Actually I just went to Tampa for an excruciatingly boring fucking conference at work.Whatever.

Anyway, thanks.

Oh and sorry for the tag but fuck if I'm gonna be the one to break the chain!! ;)