Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It appears The Hammer is well on his way to Ironic Nickname Land

The 2 most serious charges against Tom DeLay, money laundering, and conspiracy to do same, have been upheld.

Felony charges. Which means that he cannot resume his duties as House Speaker, at least not technically.

Unsure where we are?

Our story so far:

DeLay wants to increase the amount of Repub congressional districts in Texas to increase the Repub hold on the US Congress.
DeLay is behind an illegal gerrymandering of congressional districts in Texas.
Dems in the Texas State Legislature flee over state lines in order to prevent the new district map from being confirmed by the Repub-held Texas State Legislature.
Fugitive Dems are hunted down, in part thanks to an illegal use of Homeland Security resources by DeLay.
The illegally drawn map is passed anyway by the Texas State Legislature.
Many minority and other Democratic districts are disected and rearranged so as to increase their Repub populations. Some Congressional Dems lose their seats.
One of the rearranged districts is in Austin. The people of Austin are pretty peeved about the whole thing, even though their guy manages to get re-elected.
DeLay's trial will take place in Austin.
Since the two charges against DeLay are upheld, DeLay's attorney pursues a change of venue motion.

So, The Hammer admits that the fine people of the state capital hate his guts, huh?

You know, that almost makes it worth it.

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