Tuesday, July 11, 2006

11 year-old hussy attempts crucifixion of Fresno City College football team

As many as 10 men may have been involved in the rape of an 11-year-old girl by Fresno City College football players.

And, typically, the defense is already trying to sway public opinion about the victim. Yeah, the 11-year-old victim. LATimes:

[Coach] Caviglia asked Michael Idiart, a criminal defense attorney whose son he had coached two years earlier, to advise the players as a group of their rights and the legal process, Idiart said.

Idiart, who provided the counsel for free, said he believed there were seven players -one more than police said were interviewed - present.

The men were nervous and wanted to know their rights.

"The ones voicing anything said they were innocent and wondered, 'Are we going to be crucified?' " Idiart said.

If they didn't do anything wrong - and hadn't touched the girl - they should provide statements to police, Idiart said he told them. If they had done "something to be concerned with, if they touched her, even if it was consensual, or if they had done something to abet or aid [the assault], they might want to exercise their 5th Amendment privilege" to avoid self-incrimination, he advised.

It's no defense to argue the victim appeared older if she's under 14, even in consensual contact, he told them.

The men said there wasn't a party Saturday night, but some were going back and forth between a few apartments, as usual.

One or two players said they might have seen the girl come out of the bedroom or bathroom at some point, Idiart said.

The victim appeared to be older than 11, the players told Idiart. "They said she was tall and had some development... They all said she 'looked like she was 18 or 19 to me.' Whether that's true or not, I don't know. When I think of 11, I think of a girl jumping rope and playing jacks. But apparently she was more mature than that."

See what he's doing? He's getting in front of the story by implying that: 1) the girl was freely walking around the apartment, 2) she acted and looked "mature," and 3) any contact that occurred may have been consensual.

Too bad she wasn't jumping rope and playing jacks, like every good 11-year-old girl should be. Because then she wouldn't have brought this on herself with her tallness and her non-jumping-rope behavior.


MonstrousJoe said...

How many took the 5th?

Spooney said...

"They said she was tall and had some development...
I find it hard to believe that an 11 year old can look 18 or 19.
They must have known she was underage.

Grant Miller said...

This is one of those stories that makes me hope for career ending injuries.

yo sisters cube mate said...

Castration is the only punishment that fits the crime! And by the girls dad with a battle ax...

Megan said...

Jumping rope and PLAYING JACKS?! Does this guy think it's like 1950 or something? I guess that's just another device to insinuate that she's unwholesome and was, of course, asking for it. Poor girl.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yeah, she's in for a tough deal. Colleges tend not to like it when you mess with their precious l'il football players.