Thursday, July 27, 2006

Swiss Miss? Based on the Virgin Mary.

Media Matters catches Bill O'Reilly making shit up again.

We join O'Reilly as he berates the attorney for that guy who wants to remove the giant cross from a war memorial in San Diego (yeah, good luck on that one, buddy)

O'REILLY: ...I just want to know where you're coming from before we get into the case. The Red Cross symbol is the cross all over the world, here in the United States. Would you tell the Red Cross it has to get rid of that symbol?

McELROY: No, Bill, I think most people recognize the Red Cross symbol is not the same as the Latin cross. They're quite different, and the court repeatedly makes that distinction. The Latin cross is the pre-eminent symbol of Christianity in the world and well recognized by just about everyone as the pre-eminent symbol of Christianity.

O'REILLY: But I don't understand the difference of a Red Cross from the Latin cross. It's the same cross.

McELROY: No, Bill, it isn't at all. The Red Cross, both pieces of the cross are equal in size. And the Latin cross is distinguishable by the fact that the cross piece is two thirds the size. You would recognize anyone --

O'REILLY: I see. You know historically the Red Cross adopted that because of the Christian philosophy of giving alms and giving assistance to people in need. I'm sure you know that. Because that's why they did adopt it. But you still wouldn't say they couldn't have the cross, right?

Yeah, except the Red Cross didn't adopt the Christian cross for their symbol. They adopted a reverse version of THE FLAG OF SWITZERLAND, as any 8-year-old with, oh, EYES could tell you.

And even if you've never owned or seen a Swiss army knife in your life, it would seem a simple enough thing to go the Red Cross website and see what they have to say about their symbol, and how it honors the Swiss for their role in the founding principles of the organization.

Of course, the cross on the Swiss flag is most likely derived from a Christian symbol, but that's beside the point.

But what makes this so delicious is not that O'Blowme made a mistake. Because we all do that. But he cannot merely state something that is patently wrong. He must also taunt his guest for not subscribing to that same wrong fact.

(It might seem inexplicable that I included links to images in this post, instead of the images themselves. Blame fucking Blogspot, okay? Been one of those oh-so-you-think-you're-going-to-upload-photos-eh? days.)


SJ said...

Tell me, do you think O'Reilly is gonna go away in our lifetime? Please, say yes, give me hope.

dad said...

Another reason to live another 30 years is that I would out live the likes of O'Reilly. Anyone that has that much poison inside is going to die early. You can mark this down!

Chris said...

There is no one more despicable on TV if you ask me. I think he has a homosexual crush on George Soros. He can't stop talking about him!

vikkitikkitavi said...

SJ: I'm afraid if the falafel didn't bring him down, nothing will.

Dad: Remember when Reagan's Rove, Lee Atwater, died of brain cancer? Karma can be a seductive concept sometimes.

Chris: BO is a huge closet case if you ask me. Do you think we could get Ann Coulter to look into this?

FreeThinker said...

I'm glad I don't watch TV anymore ... this O'Reilly guy sounds like a chump. Didn't he once say something about inviting al-Qaeda to blow up San Francisco?

Pisser said...


You mean, the big "T"?
-Kelly Bundy


FreeThinker said...

Yes, Kelly, the big T thing. They are trying to define it as a "War Memorial" instead of a Christian Cross so they can get by the Establishment Clause.

You may be on to a new legal strategy: it's not a Latin Cross, it's a big "T" ... !

The Kelly Bundy defense! I like it!

vikkitikkitavi said...

FreeT: I can understand why Married with Children would make you not want to watch TV anymore.

Pisser: Do you dress like her too?