Monday, July 31, 2006

Plug #2

If you live in Los Angeles, or even Orange County, dammit, go see The Bigger Man at Circle X Theatre Company. These are the same people who did the brilliant Marley's Ghost outside, in the (okay, totally mild) winter, in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery a couple of years ago.

I saw The Bigger Man this weekend and loved it. Here's the "reader review" I wrote on the LATimes website:

EST/Forum/Scientology-like cults are an easy target for comedy, but The Bigger Man skewers its target beautifully without resorting to the usual "we're all zombies" schtick. And thanks to the deft direction, you're never really sure until the end how much of the creepiness is for real, and how much of it is just paranoia. Tom Fiscella and the magnetic Jen Kays are great as the Foundation zealots, and Matt Ford matches their intensity as he falls apart in their hands, piece by piece.

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