Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Don't worry. No pictures of fireworks.

So Spooney and I had a great weekend. Sunday, we took the bikes to the beach and rode all day. Well, that is, we rode all day when we weren't playing skeeball and eating and drinking and checking out all the wonderful art on the Venice boardwalk.

Here we are having lunch at the Whaler.

At first I was all excited because we got such a sweet-ass-front-of-patio table for once. Then I realized how hot it was out there in the sun. But you know what's good for that? Beer. With ice and lime.


Don't ask me how Spooney can drink a martini in 90 degree heat in the sun. He has a high martini tolerance, I guess.

We didn't feel guilty leaving the doggies home alone all day because the day before they got an extra special treat.


We have to drive to Ventura County for an off-leash beach, of course, because of LA County doesn't allow dogs on their precious precious beaches.

This time, Buster didn't drink too much sea water and vomit like a sailor, but he did attempt to drown himself twice. He has this weird habit of retrieving the ball and then turning and swimming straight out to sea, instead of toward land. Then you have to run toward the water and scream his name and hope that he hears you before he gets too far out. Which he has every time, so far.

Buster. Proof that the handsome ones aren't always the brightest.


Jess said...

Where is that beach?! I thought we had a beach-leash-law as well. Actually, most of the beaches in Ventura don't allow dogs at all. The next time you're up our way, give us a call and we'll drink a couple, two-tree beahs widchoo.

vikkitikkitavi said...

The dog beach is just past Leo Carillo, right over the Ventura/LA county line. It's not marked and I think only is a dog beach because dog owners have made it one.

I think the off-leash thing is a matter of enforcement. I got busted at one beach but the lifeguard was sweet and told me a different beach where he takes his own dog. I wish I could tell you the location better but I always just drive up the coast until I see it.

Will do on the beahs, tho.

Grant Miller said...

That dog looks very wise, but apparently he is not.