Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some rough approximation of the guilty

Again with the Ezra Klein!

I can't help it. He has perfectly summed up my feelings about what may or may not be the beginning of WW3:
I have plenty of sympathy for their unwillingness to allow Hezbollah's aggression to go unchallenged, but to displace 500,000 civilians in a futile effort to bomb a diffuse terrorist group out of existence demonstrates extreme myopia and courts questions of cruelty. No one believes Hezbollah will actually cease to exist after Israel finishes pounding Lebanon -- they will reconstitute, and they will find their recruits in the froth of despair and hatred comprised when hundreds of thousands of middle class innocents find their their livelihoods destroyed, their homes rubble, and their new residences refugee camps. Israel, who's already seen attacks and terrorist sympathizers spring from Palestinian refugee camps should know better. And even if they have a tactical disagreement, their own sense of justice should confine their vengeance to some rough approximation of the guilty.