Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Boob job or cheek implants?

I'm a big believer in finding a mate that is exactly as skeevy as you are. It just makes all your other decisions in life, like your occupation (reality show host, or reality show contestant?), your grooming habits (oily or greasy?), and your personal style (skank or tool?), so much easier.

For that reason, I am simply devastated by the split of Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro.

Condolences, you crazy kids. The red carpet hasn't been this sad since Li'l Kim checked into the graybar hotel.


yo sisters cube mate said...

Poor kids, just couldn't keep the magic going ...

From askmen.com:
"I was watching an HBO special the other night on real-life maximum-security-prison guys. I glanced up, and my poster was in quite a few cells. I was screaming 'Oh, no!'" -Carmen Electra

Spooney said...


They were so toolishly skanky together. Such a perfect match.

SJ said...

I had a comment, but my word verification is


and I just think that's awesome.

Jess said...

Mine is jzzys

Sounds sort of viscous or something.

vikkitikkitavi said...

YoSCM: And yet she didn't take that as a sign...

Spooney: What? No comment about the whole equal skeeviness theory?

SJ: Be careful. Homeland Security may be monitoring your reaction to war-on-terror-related words.

Jess: Get jzzys with it.