Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bells On Recommends

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It's out on video. It stars Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr.

I know, I know. Val Kilmer is practically talent-free. Except when he's not. Except when he's really fucking good like he is in this.

And RD2. Sigh. So talented. So fucked-up. What's not to love?

The movie contains one of my favorite dialogue exchanges ever, between Kilmer's character, Gay Perry, and Downey's, Harry Lockhart:

Perry: If I looked up "idiot" in the dictionary, you know what I'd find?
Harry: A picture of me?
Perry: No, the definition of "idiot." Which you fucking are!


Grant Miller said...

I was going to write about this. Is Robert Downey Jr. *that* talented. I know all the critics say he is. But I can't, for the life of me, think of a movie that was significantly better because he was in it. But I've yet to see "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." You vouch for it?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yeah, I know RD2 has made a lot of bad movies, and coasted through a lot of performances, but I still think he's a great actor.

Yes, definitely see KKBB. I laughed my ass off.

Jess said...

One of my favorite movies of all time! MY favorite line:

"I call it my 'faggot gun', because it's only good for a couple of shots and then you have to drop it for something better."

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yay! Validation!

Okay, one more quote thing:

Perry: Did you dad love you?
Harry: Only when I dressed up like a beer bottle, how about you?
Perry: Well, he used to beat me in morse code, so it's possible, but he never said the words.

Jess said...

I loved this movie so hard that 2 days after Jeff & I saw it, we dragged my mom & sis to see it. It was just as good the second time!

Now I want to see it again.

I don't think you guys watch Nip/Tuck (which isn't on right now anyway), but I think you'd really like it. I'll lend you the first season DVD if you want. At least once per show, one of the characters says something so completely awesome that I need to pause it and fall on the floor laughing.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I have a friend who used to work production on Nip/Tuck. I like the show, but I just never seem to catch it (when it's on).

I know, I need TiVo

Madison Guy said...

RD2 is a great actor and I’ll see him in everything he does. But he’s also a Serious Space Cadet who spends a lot of time inside his own head, obviously. I can deal with that.