Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Boozehound Hitchens wakes up, mumbles something incoherent, sends it to Slate, and passes out on the bar again.

Oh, the Hitch is at is again. He's decided to leap on the "trash Cindy Sheehan" bandwagon, and writes a deeply flawed article apparently based on a false quote.

Firstly, Hitch pretends not to understand that, regarding the "two versions" of Sheehan's first meeting with Bush, reporters select and edit quotes to fit their stories. Come on, you boozy, played-out excuse for a neocon, you really want to pitch that second-hand shit to me? Even Michelle Malkin is more original.

Secondly, Hitch repeated confuses Maureen Dowd with the woman she is writing about (Sheehan). He takes statements from Dowd's article, and then attributes the thoughts and motivations behind them to Sheehan! It's quite a trick. You have to wonder whether the bitter old prude is even aware if he's doing it, though, since he's frequently barely conscious.

Thirdly, the quote. He's hitched his whole thesis to its objectionableness, whether he admits it or not. He better hope it's not fake.

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