Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Except without the allies, and the moral imperative, and the competent leadership, and the backing of the American people...

Yesterday, W made a speech in which he compared the war in Iraq to WW2.

No, I'm not kidding.

The worse it gets for him, the more brazen he becomes.
Reaching back into history, Bush repeatedly cited Roosevelt's steadfastness as the model for today's conflict, comparing the Japanese sneak assault on Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the al Qaeda terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001. Much as Roosevelt fought pre-Pearl Harbor isolationism, Bush urged against a return to what he called the "pre-9/11 mindset of isolation and retreat."

The story is from the Washington Post, which is, unfortunately, about as good as it gets for print media in this country.

Except nowhere in the story do they point out that the war in Iraq has NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11.

Whoops. There goes your analogy, asshole.

Besides, we now know that they were planning Iraq before 9/11, so why does the press let him get away with this shit?

And, oh yeah, W also blamed 9/11 on Clinton.
While praising Democratic presidents Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, Bush implicitly criticized Bill Clinton for showing weakness during the 1990s. Citing a succession of terrorist attacks in recent times, all but two during Clinton's presidency, Bush said the country's enemies took heart from the lack of forceful response. "They concluded that free societies lack the courage and character to defend themselves against a determined enemy," he said, without naming Clinton.

Wow, what a good time it would be to play back all the shit that Clinton took from Republicans for every military action taken during his presidency. I hope Clinton fuckin' smacks the shit out of him at the next state funeral.

In fact, I'm going to pause for a moment and just fantasize about that.

Mmmm.....sucker, cold cocked him....jeez that's a lot of blood....what is he, a hemophiliac?....heh heh, Bush is screaming like an 8-year-old girl now....holy shit, the Secret Service are just standing there....wait, they're placing bets on Clinton....

Okay, so, where was I?

Oh yeah. Our president's a liar and a moral coward.


Anonymous said...

And....when he kicked him in the balls, Big DickC started screaming

Sly said...

Onthe morning of 8-30 I heard on the news that Bush was going to make a speech in commemoration of WWIIand that he was going to compare Iraq to WWII; the terrorism of nazi Germany to why we are in Iraq.How dare he compare his miserable revenge war to an honorable and meaningfully essential one. He got us into a mess that is killing and maiming 1000's of young men and women. What is wrong with him and with the majority of Americans who voted for this nut. He's done enough wrong and told enough lies to warrant impeachment. He's ruining our country, its honor, pride and our good name. He belongs put away somewhere with the other miscreants that gather around him. Also let him send his daughters and Cheney his masculine daughter to the front to fight. my deceased husband was a Marine in WWII and fought in Bouganville and Guadalcanal. He was seriously injured and that injury got worse neccesitating repeated serious surgeries and extreme pain. Yet, he was never sorry about having served. I support our troops and the tragedy they are going through but everything we say falls on deaf ears or only on the ears of those who care but don't have the power to stop it. Thanks for listening.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Sly, thanks for taking the trouble to respond so thoughtfully.

You know, I can't believe that kids enlist these days, given how thoughtlessly we treat their sacrifice. Sure, our various branches of military service have had serious problems, and service men and women have never, ever been compensated in an adequate way. My opinion is they should be paid, and treated, better than any other job in government service. How dare some fucking bureaucrat make 10 times what the guy whose life is on the line makes?
And you know, I believe all liberals feel this same way, and yet we are the ones that are constantly accused of not "supporting" the troops. It's bullshit. Our troops need to believe in their mission, I understand that. I get that. But I don't need to believe in the mission. I am free to call it what it is - a massive lie perpetrated upon us by a dishonorable man.