Monday, August 08, 2005

Central Texas ain't the end of the world. But you can see it from there.

Aw, isn't it cute? No one at the WH likes doing duty in Crawford, TX to mind W while he's on vacation. Because it sucks there, ha, ha, ha. It's a place only the president could love:
Mr. Bush, of course, was in the less exotic blast furnace of his Texas ranch, settling in for a five-week stay on the prairie that will be his longest time away from Washington as president. His return to his full August idyll - Mr. Bush cut short his time at the ranch last summer because of his re-election campaign - is not only the length of a classic French vacation, but grist for some Democrats, who have accused the president of fleeing Washington to escape the federal investigation into who leaked the name of a Central Intelligence Agency officer to reporters, a potential crime.

I have 2 issues with this:

1.) Anyone who continues to spend vacations in central Texas in August after having spent a vacation in central Texas in August is someone truly desperate to be perceived by the public as "authentic" and "loyal," when in fact they're really "arrogant" and "asshole-ish."

2.) He can cut his vacation short because of his presidential campaign, but not because it's unseemly to pretend to be a cowboy while real men and women are dying for his mistakes?

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