Monday, August 29, 2005

I haven't seen such a waste of public airtime since the last Nader campaign spot

In the run-up to Labor Day weekend, the airwaves have been saturated with these "You drink, you drive, you lose" commercials, or public service announcements, PSAs, whatever. They suck, and here's why:

They give you no useful information at all, and like most public service wank-offs, they completely ignore reality.

It is, of course, and no matter what these killjoys tell you, NOT a crime to drink and drive. It is a crime to drive while impaired, or "under the influence."

So what constitutes impairment? Good fucking question!!! And one you'd think they would address, because knowing how much alcohol it takes to impair your judgement (and push your blood alcohol level over the legal limit) might actually be a handy thing to know. And knowing that that 3rd drink in two hours might be what pushes you over might actually affect someone's behavior for the better. And wow, that might actually save a life or two for real.

But no, ever the puritanical approach with us. "Don't drink and drive." It's bullshit. Don't drink too much and drive is what we mean, of course, but god forbid we should actually come out and say that. That would mean admitting that what we all do (drive after drinking a non-impairing amount of alcohol) is okay. Except it IS okay, of course. I mean, if you asked someone personally, they would say "yes it is okay to drink and drive as long as you are not impaired," but to admit, in a public forum that there is a middle ground here that is okay, is somehow NOT okay.

Meanwhile these meaningless PSAs get sandwiched in between commercials for beer and low-carb grain alcohol confections.

I love this fucked up country, right? Whatever. Just say no. Stay in school.

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