Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have an idea how to support our troops...

How about we take them out of that godforsaken hellhole? How about we impeach the guy that put them there? How about ... oh ... nevermind.

Yes, fine, a parade is a good idea, too.

A reader points out that the 9/11 "Freedom Walk" celebration has some unsurprising sponsors, and a few wild cards, too:

Stars and Stripes
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Lockheed Martin
ABC WJLA-TV Channel 7
News Channel 8 WTOP Radio Network
Washington Post
Washington Convention & Tourism Corporation

Wow, I hope Subway films a kick-ass commercial at the event! And then I would get to watch it on tv every five minutes during the ball game!

Hey, I know! What if Jared compares the fat content of a 6-inch roasted turkey sub to a MRE?

That would be awesome.

But seriously, the Washington Post? I guess they enjoyed sponsoring Bush's inauguration so much, they decided hey, why mess with a good thing?

WTF? Why is a newspaper sponsoring events they will cover in their newspaper? If WaPo has so much freakin' money that they can sponsor fuckin' BushCo propaganda parties, why don't they put it back into their news reporting instead? Cause honey, their coverage ain't all that.

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