Monday, January 09, 2006

Good advice. Especially the part about learning to laugh at yourself.

Some Christian groups are up in arms about the way they are being portrayed on NBC's The Book of Daniel. The put so much pressure on some local affiliates that stations in Arkansas and (that other oasis of tolerance) Indiana have pulled the show.

Real Live Preacher, writing for Salon, talks to them:

Yo, brothers and sisters in Christ. They weren't making fun of you. It's much worse than that. The folks at NBC don't care about you enough to make fun of you. They don't even know you exist. You are not a part of their world. They want to make money, that's all. This is no great mystery or secret. They're not hypocrites; they're capitalists.

This particular Christian church is simply a setting in which the TV people are playing out yet another dramatic comedy series. They use the same exaggeration and distortion when the shows are about police stations, hospitals, legal offices and entire ZIP codes like 90210. They don't care about you. They really don't care about anything except ratings.

Stop taking things so personally. You're giving the rest of us Christians a bad name. Learn to laugh at yourself, or do what I did. Just turn off your TV, look at the person next to you, and say, "Well, that sucked!"

He also quite rightly points out that their opposition to the show is a tad ironic if you've actually read the book of Daniel.

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