Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The pendulum swings to the right

On election night in 2000, Sandra Day O'Connor reportedly left a party early, distraght at the initial reports that Gore had won the election. It was well known in Washington that O'Connor wanted to retire, but that she was reluctant to do so when a Democrat would appoint her successor.

Not surprisingly, O'Connor voted for Bush when Bush v. Gore came before the Supreme Court. Why she was never questioned about this conflict of interest is beyond me.

And now, thanks largely to the actions of this one closeted pro-choice woman, there is a very good chance that the protection afforded all American women by the landmark Roe v. Wade decision will be eroded when Alito is confirmed (as he will be) and begins to make anti-choice decisions from the Supreme Court.

Congratulations, Sandra. Job well done.

I mean, sleep well at night and everything.


Hill said...

Are you fucking kidding me??

And to think f all the respect I HAD for the woman...

vikkitikkitavi said...

About a year ago, there was a Vanity Fair story about the Supreme Court in which it was reported that after all the criticism of the court for their decision in Bush v. Gore, that O'Connor decided she had better wait until Bush's first term was over to retire. I guess the whole retirement thing had gotten too much press, and she didn't want to damage her legacy by seeming to confirm the story.