Monday, January 23, 2006

If you told the truth, reporters wouldn't have to fish, now, would they?

According to Time Magazine, the release of photos of Jack Abramoff and GW together is imminent.

In classic WH press secretary fashion, McClellan refuses to provide details of Abramoff meetings with administration officials, and then bitches that people are basing accusations on too little info. The White House describes the number of Abramoff's meetings with staff members only as "a few," even though senior Bush aides have precise data about them. McClellan will not give details, saying he doesn't "get into discussing staff-level meetings." During a televised briefing, he added, "We're not going to engage in a fishing expedition." Pressed for particulars about Abramoff's White House contacts, McClellan said with brio, "People are insinuating things based on no evidence whatsoever." But he said he cannot "say with absolute certainty that [Abramoff] did not have any other visits" apart from those disclosed.

(Thanks to JT for the tip.)

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