Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Starve a cold, hot beef injection a fever

Pravda (huh?) brings us good news about sex:

In the course of his lengthy neuroimmunological experiments, the scientist arrived at the conclusion that sexual intercourse has a positive effect not only on the overall physical condition of both partners but also on their immune systems. Phagocytes are to be praised for the marvel.

Phagocytes are cells that help the body rid itself of various ailments. This is how they work: once they locate an alien body, they penetrate it and trigger self-destruction. During sexual intercourse, number of phagocytes tends to increase significantly; oftentimes, number of these cells almost doubles after orgasm. This in turn enables these cells to detect and destroy antibodies more quickly.

Courtesy PalmerCash

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yo sisters cube-mate said...

Ah yes, another excuse for the young adolescent male to add to his repitour. "Come on honey, I am only thinking of your imune system!"