Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You know Leno is dying to do it

Lamest thing about living in LA?

No one bothers to get on the tv and count down to fucking midnight on New Year's Eve. We have to watch the fucking rerun of the New York City countdown.

How mind-numbingly lame lame lame is that?

This if fucking LA, man. We make movies and television. Okay, mostly badly. But we really, truly can't put together some kind of live lame-ass count down for the west coast time zone? Really?

We don't need no stinking Times Square ball, man! How about flashing the lights on and off on the Hollywood sign? Or setting off fireworks from a car fleeing police on the freeway? Or starting a wildfire in Calabasas? Or unleashing a torrent of mud from the hills onto those bastards in Malibu?

Something. Come on.


david said...

You're right. And for Angelenos, it would be a climax of sorts. You'd see the yahoos all across the country do it, then you'd do it, only better.

alex said...

HA! remember the 1999 into 2000 new year's eve "blowout" that our fine city put on??? the one where they...well... okay, they shone some different-colored lights onto the hollywood sign. YES, that was IT. not even a sparkler, or a laser show, or for god's sake even a cheesy dance party. no. just...some colored lights. that didn't even MOVE. toot! my grandma had a display like that in her yard 365 days a year, for fuck's sake. it lit up the rose bushes at night. christ.

vikkitikkitavi said...

How about we toss a studio executive off the US Bank Tower at the stroke of midnight?

Fuck, I'd stand around downtown for a couple of hours to see that.