Friday, January 20, 2006

So...use Google.

Another reason to fucking love Google.

The Justice Department said yesterday that it subpoenaed four major Internet companies for data on what people search for on the Web as part of an eight-year
battle over a federal law designed to shield children from online pornography.Three of the companies responded to some degree, but Google Inc. said it was resisting the demand. Privacy advocates said the subpoenas raised deep concerns about the government's ability to track what ordinary people view on the Internet...

..."The real issue here is, is Google being deputized to spy on us? In this case, you could maybe argue that the spying is not that bad, because very little of it is personally identifiable, but what will the next case be?" said Richard M. Smith, a Boston-based software engineer who has written about the Internet age. "It's a terrible precedent."

So they're spying on us because they don't want children to see pornography?

Doesn't that issue seem to fall pretty squarely in the area of PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY?

And aren't there better uses for our tax dollars than funding a FEAR OF SEX?

p.s. For more Googlely goodness, go here.


Hill said...

A-fucking-men, girl!

I think Google stock just shot up another three thousand points with this one.

Damn my non-financial-savvy ass for never forseeing a RESPONSIBLE corporate decision! Oh wait...when was the last time there WAS one???

vikkitikkitavi said...

My sister and I have decided that the best job in the world would be to be in charge of the special holiday Google home pages.