Wednesday, March 29, 2006

But good luck with those body thetans, Kirstie. And you're right. They do make you look fat.

You knew some celeb was going to be the designated outraged letter-writer to Rolling Stone after their really wimpy expose on Scientology, right?

Surprise! It's B-lister Kirstie Alley. Brittle Bon Mot has a post. It's funny.

An excerpt from Kirstie's letter:
"Shame on you, Rolling Stone, for your slam piece on Scientology. Rolling Stone has been my favorite magazine since college, but come on — religion-bashing for the sake of sales? Yikes, dudes — your cool factor just dropped to Reader's Digest."

Jeeper's creepers, Kirstie! I know how "gear" it is to "rap" to your "homies" about "heavy" shit like your "religion," but if you weren't so busy being a really really creepy desperate bad ex-tv star with friends in mediocre places, you'd know that Rolling Stone dropped below Reader's Digest on the "cool factor" like, 20 years ago.

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