Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just asking

Over the weekend, tornados hit Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Is this retribution?

Does God hate the Bible Belt?

Because you know if they hit California they'd sure as hell be saying that.


Grant Miller said...

Can you blame God for hating the Bible Belt? Thanks for adding my link. I'm about to do the same for yours.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yeah, the Bible Belt sucks. If 90% of my family didn't live there, I'd say go ahead and wreak havoc and destruction on the whole damn place.

Come to think of it, I hate about 90% of my family...

Bro said...

I think it's because they (the belters in general) take the lord's name in vain, and by that I mean they presume to speak on behalf of the lord (and even live in his mansions and drive his cars). I like the attitude where a man might pray to better and humbly understand God's will, not look at a weather report and declare motivated providence. I can live next to that humble part.