Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday fun, plus a bonus charming anecdote!

Video Dog rules. It's worth the Salon Premium subscription just to be able to go there everyday. If you don't subscribe, you can get a free day pass to view some of today's goodies:

Jon Stewart's riff on Cheney's tour rider. The Daily Show at its best.

A tribute to southern culture. Set to Dueling Banjos, natch. Hi-larious. Watch for the amorous racoon at the end.

The Eulogy from South Park's goodbye to Chef episode.


The Colbert Report's interview with my very own congressman, Brad Sherman, in which he professes to be shocked, shocked to hear that there is a porn industry in the San Fernando Valley.

Which reminds me. Several years ago, there were some dudes who lived across the street from me. They had a rundown grip truck, and seemed to make their living doing non-union movie gigs. Not so unusual. And then every once in a while, they would make what I assumed were low-budget "independent" films at their home. They would position lights outside the windows, and they would run tons of cables, etc. (Hey, I have lots of friends who actually do make low-budget films, so it's really not so far-fetched, okay?)

So one day, the guys across the street are in movie mode and I'm watching this woman out front wearing short shorts and a halter top get out of her yellow Corvette, take a duffle bag out of the trunk, and go inside the house. My ex walks up behind me.
Him: What are you looking at?
Me: Why do those guys have to hire such hoochies?
Him: What?
Me: The guys across the street. They're making another movie. Jeez, can't they get any non-hoochie actresses ever?
Him: (laughing) What?
Me: What so funny?
Him: Honey, she's a porn actress. They make porn.
Me: (shocked) What??
Him: (laughs) We live in the VALLEY, remember?
Me: I thought they made independent films.
Him: (falls down on floor laughing)
Me: Shut up, asshole.

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