Thursday, March 30, 2006

Representative Cynthia Davis of Missouri calls me a dumb whore

Via Feministing:

From: Cynthia Davis
Sent: Mon 3/20/2006 8:02 PM
To: (redacted)Subject:
RE: Contraceptive Article...

Dear (redacted),
I appreciate your dedication to your legislative duties while on Spring Break. Your letter seemed to indicate that if we create chemical and pharmaceutical ways to tamper with mother nature, then we will solve the problem. Even if you solve a physical problem you still have not solved the moral, emotional and spiritual problems that come with a promiscuous lifestyle.

When I was listening to the debate last week I wondered what kind of man would want to enjoy free sex and then expect her to provide for her own contraceptives? These are the kind of men who want free whores. Any man who would be so low life as that does not deserve to have any woman love him. Smart women will stay away from men who use them and abuse them.

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