Thursday, March 30, 2006

The "soft bigotry of low expectations" explained

Sometimes the LATimes really does make me cringe. Like when they publish poorly executed and illogical editorials like this one from Jonah "Massive Tool" Goldberg, who waxes stupid about the Congressional Black Caucus:

As the Economist recently noted, gerrymandering and Democratic politics have resulted in a caucus well to the left of black America. Only four of 43 members of the group voted to ban partial-birth abortion in 2003, even though a majority of blacks favored such a ban. Most African Americans favor school choice, but because the caucus is firmly ensconced in the teacher-union racket, it bars the schoolhouse door to black kids who want a better education via vouchers. A majority of blacks oppose outright racial quotas, but don't tell that to the caucus. Or that blacks are heavily opposed to gay marriage.

Why pick on the blacks in Congress? Because they represent black leadership in America, and it has been on their watch that black America has descended into such a mess.

Yeah! I knew the whole black America mess was someone's fault! And I cannot tell you how, well, relieved I am that it is the fault of black people. Even better, black members of Congress, who, if they would just get on board and vote the "correct" way (the Republican way, naturally, because who knows what's good for the blacks better than Republicans?) could solve the black America mess in no time!

Also, I just knew the black people could not have freely elected black members of Congress that disagreed with Republicans! Come on, it just doesn't make any sense! But now I know that it was gerrymandering and the Democrats, pushing those blacks into electing people who don't even represent them!

One thing I am confused about, though. If black members of Congress have white people in their districts, do they represent them, too, or only the blacks? And also, what do white members do about the blacks in their districts? There must be some kind of racial constituent-swapping program in Congress so that the direct representation of black by black referred to by Mr. Goldberg can be upheld to such disasterous effect.

Maybe we should just do away with that instead. Then, the black majority disctricts could elect representatives of their own choosing, in free democratic elections, and then they would also be free to not vote for them anymore if they didn't like what they were doing, just like the white majority districts can.

And then, when Congress isn't effective in solving their problems, the rest of us can look at the blacks and say "Join the fucking club!"


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So they keep that guy on and fire Robert Scheer? Yeesh.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Seriously, Google him and you'll find more idiocy. He seems to have a particular hard-on for the Black Caucus.