Thursday, March 09, 2006

See why I got the fuck outta there?

Indiana state legislators may pass a bill requiring doctors to tell women seeking an abortion that "life begins at conception." And that's not all:

The newest version also requires doctors to tell women the fetus may feel pain during the abortion, although Planned Parenthood of Indiana says there is no proof that pain will occur before the 20th week of pregnancy, which is when more than 90 percent of Indiana abortions occur.

"To suggest to a woman, where no science is evident, that it is possible to feel pain before 20 weeks is nothing short of harassment," said Michael McKillip, director of legislative affairs for the group, which supports abortion rights.

Yeah, well, god forbid a little insignificant science gets in between a Hoosier lawmaker and his goddamn narrowminded hypocritical piousness.

And it takes a woman Democrat from Gary to speak some truth to these motherfuckers:

But to Sen. Earline S. Rogers, D-Gary, who is advising the committee, it was more an issue of men getting involved in something that's none of their business. Each of the conference committee's four members is male.

"I was in labor for 24 hours, and after 20 hours, I told my husband to please leave me alone," Rogers said. "I think it's hard for a man to put himself in the position of any woman when it comes to something only we can do."

You know, it's easy to pass off this quote as the sort of "one uterus, one vote" mindset that drives men crazy on this issue, but she really has put her finger on the essential truth of the matter. Although there's no shortage of self-righteous bitches in the pro-life camp, it is perhaps easier for women to understand why the decision to have an abortion can't be legislated.

(Indy Star via War Room)


yo sisters cube-mate said...

Probably shriveled dick old men who haven't been able to get it up in years trying to legislate on the matter of abortions.

My motto is "one dick, no vote".

vikkitikkitavi said...

you say potato...