Friday, March 31, 2006

What I'd like to know is, can we prosecute this Maltbie asshole?

I don't give a shit whether Moussaoui lives or dies, but I do care about the integrity of our justice system, such as it is.

Moussaoui's life depends on whether the jury buys the prosecution's argument that the attacks on 9/11 could have been prevented if Moussaoui had been forthcoming to the FBI about his knowledge of the plot.

Come on. If they find that 9/11 could have been avoided if Moussaoui had told the truth, then they're full of shit.

I offer evidence:

Gripping testimony came from Mr. Samit, who arrested Mr. Moussaoui on Aug. 16 and quickly became convinced that he was a terrorist who knew about an imminent hijacking plot.

Mr. Samit said that he had sent about 70 warning messages about Mr. Moussaoui, but that they had produced no results.

The agent said he had been puzzled at the reluctance of Michael Maltbie, a supervisor with the Radical Fundamentalist Unit at bureau headquarters, to seek a search warrant for Mr. Moussaoui's belongings from a special intelligence court.

Mr. Samit seemed unable to satisfy Mr. Maltbie's demand that he provide a tangible link between Mr. Moussaoui and a foreign power, a requirement for a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. He thought he had sufficient evidence from two French intelligence reports showing Mr. Moussaoui had recruited someone to fight in Chechnya for an Islamist group allied with Mr. bin Laden.

But on Aug. 24, 2001, a frustrated Mr. Samit sent an e-mail message to Charles Frahm, a friend and, at the time, an F.B.I. liaison to the C.I.A., asking for information to help make his case. "We're trying to close the wiggle room for F.B.I. headquarters to claim there is no connection to a foreign power," he wrote.

Mr. Moussaoui's lawyers asserted that Mr. Maltbie had undermined the effort to obtain a search warrant by deleting some details from Mr. Samit's requests. Mr. Samit said Mr. Maltbie had told him he was reluctant to press for a warrant because doing so would be risky for his career and "he was not about to let that happen to him."

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dad said...

The said thing here is that the media, cantering to the public, will make the story about whether Moussaoui gets the death penalty. No one will every remember Maltbie.