Wednesday, March 01, 2006

See what happens when you go off the juice, Barry?

You lighten up. You smile. You don't think the whole world is conspiring to undermine your birthright. AP:
[Barry] Bonds entertained and delighted a small gathering of fans and teammates Tuesday by dressing up as [Paula] Abdul to judge the San Francisco Giants spin-off of the hit Fox show "American Idol," called Giants Idol.

The event raised $337 from fans that will be matched by the Giants organization and donated to the Giants Community Fund. Giants Idol was the brainchild of Mark Sweeney, who decided to bring a little levity to the clubhouse.

Aww...and you even throw a prop to the ladies:
"I'll never tell my wife to hurry up any more," Bonds said. "Because it took me forever to get ready. I'll never do that again. I couldn't get my hair right. There were a lot things I went through during the 30 minutes I was getting ready."

I'm lovin' the new Barry! One thing, though.

$337? C'mon, Barry, toss in a couple of Gs, huh? You're richer than god, sweetie. Think about it.

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