Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Definitely not ready for some football

For those of you wondering where the hell my Emmy post is...well...I didn't watch the Emmys this year.

Because I was too busy living my life, okay?

Actually, I did get home in time to catch what I understand was the funniest moment anyway.

Sunday night, I was at Sunset Junction, a large street fair in Silverlake known for its kick-ass musical lineups.

Saw the Drive-By Truckers, who were awesome. Sure, they're a bar band, but they're like the best bar band EVER. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do. They're funny and exhuberant and they definitely kick ass. They even manage to take a name or two.

But I was really looking forward to seeing Hank Williams III. This is the non-Bocephus Hank Williams, the one who went back to the family's roots and started recording amazingly beautiful old timey country blues in a voice very similar to his grandfather's. Listen to the samples of the tracks on Lovesick Broke & Driftin' and you'll see what I mean.

While waiting for Hank to set up, I noticed that the crowd was getting decidedly punky/rockabilly in appearance. But I attributed it to the fact that The Cramps were next on the bill. And yeah, I thought it was kind of a weird lineup choice, but that seems to be the thing to do in music venues now: mix up the bill to a point where you've practically guaranteed some kind of socio-economic tension in the crowd.

Hank started out pretty well. The first three songs were like juiced-up versions of his album stuff. But then it all took a turn for the worst when he introduced his punk metal band, Assjack.

His. Punk. Metal. Band.

Spooney and I left soon after. We couldn't even stand to stay around for The Cramps.

Now, I'll admit that I am too old for punk metal. But I counter with this: everyone is too old for punk metal. Punk is just so over, folks. Over over over. In the 70s, it exploded everyone's expectations of what music was supposed to be, and that was exciting. But now it's just a refuge for losers who can't play their instruments or carry a tune.

Here's me at a punk metal concert: Yes, you're screaming. You're an angry white boy and you're screaming about something that makes you very very upset. I can't understand what you're screaming, really, but it sounds like you're upset at the kid who always asks you if you want fries with your Whopper. Am I close?

Does it matter?


Grant Miller said...

Dear vikkitikktavi,

Why do you hurt me?

You skipped seeing the Cramps? I thought I knew you. I thought I understood you. I was wrong.

The Cramps are one of the greatest rock bands ever. I've seen them in concert twice and each time I come away thinking they are amazing. Ridiculously influential in ways people never even see.

Plus, I have a super rock and roll crush on Poison Ivy.

Grant Miller, Esq.

Spooney said...

I was always too old for that toneless crap. Punk is way over & metal has always sucked (except maybe for a laugh once in a while)
As you said it was manufactured angst. C'mon Hank you should know better! BTW, We live in LA. The Cramps are always playing somewhere local. We'll catch 'em sometime.

MonstrousJoe said...

Did you hear that rubber pants are not illegal???? ... Also, there are only 3 (original) members left of EW&F... Not sure that either of these tidbits relate to anything you just wrote, but -*

Jess said...

Fairly recently Mr. Pibb put a CD into our car CD player and a punk-metal song came on.

"What is this?! Why do I know every lyric?! WHY DO I LOVE IT SO!!!???" I yelled.

"Dude, it's The Misfits! You told me they were your favorite band in High School," he replied.

I was in heaven. HEAVEN!

Also? The Pibbster ALSO has a mad rock&roll crush on Poison Ivy. He's made me watch video after video of The Cramps. "Look at her snarl. LOOK AT HER SNARL!" Jesus.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Grant: I am not you. Stop trying to make me be you.

Spooney: Okay, we will watch the Cramps sometime. But I still will not be like Grant.

MJoe: Back from the dead, eh? And with a rubber pants non-sequiteur, eh?

Jess: Punk is fine as nostalgia. There is no reason on earth to go around creating new punk.