Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vamos a Cuba!

Thank Christ for the vigilence of the Cuban-American community in Miami.

Without them, we might have been saddled with PRESIDENT GORE.

You heard me.

Without them, Elian Gonzalez might have been returned to his father without his fifteen minutes of closet-hiding, magic angel dolphin-riding fame.

Without them, the children of Miami might have been poisoned by a book called Vamos a Cuba, one of a set of travel/culture books aimed at elementary schoolers.

But the extremely open-minded Cuban-American members of the Miami School Board succeeded in getting the vile piece of communist propaganda (published by Heinemann - a company responsible for such socialist screeds as Getting Grammar: 150 Ways to Teach an Old Subject, and Comprehending Math) pulled from school libraries before the children of Miami were forced to read such pro-Castro propaganda as "people in Cuba work and go to school like you do."


Of course, the ACLU has gotten involved, and some buttinski activist judge has restored the book to the shelves for now.

Miami parents - you have been warned. Vamos a Cuba is lurking in your city's libraries, ready to corrupt your little ones with photographs of Cuban children pulling ox carts, and eating some of those things that look like bananas except they taste bad out of a metal tray, and riding in old beat-up cars!

Yes, trying to make Cuba look like some kind of pinko heaven!

Which it is not! Because Castro is bad, yes, and the only way to defeat him is to isolate Cuba and deprive its citizens of our agricultural products, and of course not to buy any of their vastly inferior cigars.

I know, I know, it hasn't worked yet, but it's only been 47 years. He is bound to fall to our crushing economic boycott any day now.

If he doesn't die of old age first, of course.


Grant Miller said...

God Bless!

grooveva said...

Gahhh stories like this just deflate any hope I might have had left that the collective will eventually come to a logical/rational conclusion. While listening to this story on NPR this morning I was dumbfounded. Our Public education system is under-funded and saddled with crippling bureaucracy exacerbated by "No child left behind". Inside my cynical little black heart I could only think smugly "Oh they still have books in schools?". Priorities folks... I mean really?!

Megan said...

I know this post was really about Cuba, but I focused in on the book-banning thing. My old school had a fairly active group of book-banners: Parents Against Bad Books in School, aka PABBIS. I used to joke with their children that if their parents read more books maybe they could come up with clever-er names for their stupid little organizations. Hey, I was tenured, and most of the kids agreed with me.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Grant: Gesunheit?

Grooveva: It would be so much easier if libraries would just get rid of all those dang books, agreed.

Megan: No, I knew that angle was gonna get ya.

I automatically hate any group that starts with "Parents Against..."