Thursday, August 03, 2006

However, the "Hezbollah Ham Sandwich" is gone for good

Three years into the Iraqi war, all the cafeterias on Capitol Hill have abandoned the "Freedom fries," and are back to serving "French fries."

But I'm sure the French learned a good, hard lesson from this nomenclaturey-type smack-down.

And that lesson is that when you are right about something, keep it to yourself.

Or at least, don't say it to our faces. Pass Germany a note or something.

(thanks to RanMan for the tip)


Megan said...

My dad, who was all about the transition from french fries to freedom fries at the time, recently had to be reminded why he'd ever started calling his fries "freedom fries." Once he remembered he said, "Oh yeah. That was pretty stupid, huh?"

Yes, yes it WAS pretty stupid.

vikkitikkitavi said...

So, he pleads temporary insanity.