Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The kiss of all kisses

Poor Bruno Kirby. He was a great character actor who leaves behind an impressive body of work, and yet his obituaries are dubbing him the "City Slickers Actor."

What a shame for an actor who turned in such great performances in The Godfather II, Birdy, The Basketball Diaries, This Is Spinal Tap, & Modern Romance, among others.

An actor who almost singlehandedly managed to salvage When Harry Met Sally from the fiery ball of heinousness that is Meg Ryan + Billy Crystal.

And so to honor you, Bruno, I will once again view my favorite movie of yours, The Freshman.

And I send you bacio di tutti baci.


michael said...

I can't believe I forgot Birdy! What a great film. DVD search activate!

Pops said...

You and I both decided to key on that particular film. Interesting. Is it the komodo dragon fetish with you too or did I just share too much?

vikkitikkitavi said...

Michael: I haven't seen Birdy for a long time, either. Must Netflix.

Pops: The Freshman is awesome, but for me it's all about Brando on skates.