Friday, August 11, 2006

Loose Lips Raise Poll Numbers

Wow, seems like everybody is eager to get a piece of the collar in the recent arrests of suspected terrorists in London. Pakistan is especially anxious for some credit, perhaps because most of the suspects, although UK citizens, are apparently of Pakistani descent.

But the FBI wants us to know that they too had a hand in foiling the plot to blow up US-bound flights over the Atlantic:

In Washington, officials said the FBI probe into the London plot involved more than 200 agents from across the country. The probe was so large that it resulted in a notable surge in warrants for searches and surveillance from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the secret panel that oversees most clandestine surveillance, officials said.

The warrants included monitoring telephone calls that some of the London suspects made into the United States, two sources said.

One official estimated that scores of secret U.S. warrants were dedicated solely to the London plot. The government usually averages of a few dozen a week for all counterintelligence investigations, according to federal statistics.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why so loquacious all of a sudden, FBI?

I thought it was dangerous to let terrorists know our methods, hm? I mean, isn't it basically treason to let the bad guys know that we are monitoring them and stuff?


Madison Guy said...

Maybe you missed this. It's sort of fun -- if you can call it that. Agence France Press ran two different stories about Buschco and the new airline terror alert. One was a scathing critique of Bush, Cheney, et al. The second, later story made it seem both parties were equally guilty of exploiting the foiled plot for partisan political gain. The headlines were as different as the stories:

Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot

Bush, foes seek political gains from foiled plot

What a difference a word makes! Play the game of Compare and Contrast by checking out the two different versions of AFP story for yourself. And speculate on what the significance is, if any.

vikkitikkitavi said...

France Press is doing a BushCo a favor?

Is this payback for the French Fries thing?